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Getting Nasty in NYC

Writing about places I have never been to is challenging. Especially since city ordinances frequently dictate the rules about what can and can’t go on in strip clubs. Some places allow full nudity, some have private rooms, some are topless only, some places bend the rules while others will kick you out without thinking twice.

I haven’t been to very many strip clubs. Naked women to me are eye candy but I’m not going to go broke getting one to strip down. (Although I have to admit, they seem to like me). I have only gone with guy friends, never a boyfriend/husband or with other women, so I don’t really know how crazy it can get.

That said, I did have fun writing Big Apple Excitement for The Fantasy Files (Amazon/Other). The story is about a young couple that visit the big city to go to a wedding. The girl is a small town girl and it’s her first time in NYC. After passing a strip club she starts to wonder what it’s like inside, and convinces her boyfriend to check it out. When the stripper takes to the girl and they start fooling around, the guy is totally floored, it’s all he can do to get her back to the hotel room. It’s worth a read and is totally fun to think about happening to you. After writing it, and now being single, I want to go back to a club and try my ‘hand’ 🙂


Knowing when to shut up

I consider myself a pretty social person.  But sometimes I just want to get through the chores of life without a bunch of small talk.  I sometimes dread getting my hair cut.  My usual hairdresser is pretty business like which is why I like her.  We are friendly but I’m not there to make friends or reveal my life story.  This past weekend I needed a trim and my usual girl was out, so I got someone new.
This bitch would not shut the fuck up.  It felt like I was getting grilled. Where is my iPod when I need it?  Ugh.  I started imagining stuffing a hot towel in her mouth. Why do people feel the need to be chatty if they are hairdressers?  I really wish I had a friend that could come over to the house. A glass of wine would have been great.  Some women think the salon is a place to relax. Not me, I want to get in, get the fuck out, and enjoy natural beauty without chemical smells that make you wonder if it’s making mutating women’s DNA.


Ok 🙂 End rant.