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Happy St. Patricks Day!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Saint Patrick’s Day!  Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland who brought Christianity to the island nation and converted top officials.  I say today you convert someone who is open minded to the fun and excitement that sex stories can bring and share your copy of The Fantasy Files with them or spread the word.  Yep, Loaning is Turned ON for my Kindle book so you can share the stories with your lover (or friends).

I mentioned on Friday I was supposed to go sailing but with the tsunami threat we were warned to stay away from the docks.  So here’s a photo of me from last year doing what I love the most – being out on the open water with friends!

Sailing in 2010

I will be posting a new story excerpt tomorrow so be on the lookout!

I am also planning my next book.  I was thinking about either doing domination type stories featuring cops, superiors, detectives, and situations like that, or with stories about spontaneous one time encounters with strangers.  Which one would you like to see?



I hoped you liked my story excerpt! I will post another one next week.  I’m going sailing in Monterey Bay with some friends.  I haven’t been out yet this year so I’m really looking forward to getting back on the water.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan in light of the awful Earthquake and Tsunami that happened today.
I still need feedback on my author pics, story ideas, and my new book.  Going to push the official launch next week!
See you on Monday!