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Expanding My Horizons

I hope all my readers had a great Easter weekend and official Spring kickoff! I had a great time out on the boat with some friends and I got to spend some time on the beach – I have to shake my winter pale and get my glow back!

I’ve been working hard trying to promote The Fantasy Files, my new erotic digital book, and it’s been slow but going good. I’ve sold about 100 copies so far in the first month, not spectacular but not that bad either. It’s been enough to motivate me to find new outlets as well as start a new book!

The theme to the new book is a secret for now, but let’s just say it’s much more intense and kinky that Volume 1! So much that I’m not sure if I’m going to spin it as a Fantasy Files Volume 2 or give it a whole new title! How about The Kinky Files ? 😉

I’ve gotten my book published in Google Books, I’m hoping it updates for release on the Android market soon. I’m working on it. You can preview the book and read the first story for free here. Android users can download the book using Kindle for Android at Amazon. I am still working on making it available in iBooks/iTunes store for Iphone/IPods.

I’m up for hearing about the kinds of sex stories you want to read!


Happy St. Patricks Day!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Saint Patrick’s Day!  Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland who brought Christianity to the island nation and converted top officials.  I say today you convert someone who is open minded to the fun and excitement that sex stories can bring and share your copy of The Fantasy Files with them or spread the word.  Yep, Loaning is Turned ON for my Kindle book so you can share the stories with your lover (or friends).

I mentioned on Friday I was supposed to go sailing but with the tsunami threat we were warned to stay away from the docks.  So here’s a photo of me from last year doing what I love the most – being out on the open water with friends!

Sailing in 2010

I will be posting a new story excerpt tomorrow so be on the lookout!

I am also planning my next book.  I was thinking about either doing domination type stories featuring cops, superiors, detectives, and situations like that, or with stories about spontaneous one time encounters with strangers.  Which one would you like to see?


New Author Photos

My best friend Julia recommended that instead of snapshots I should have her take some real “Author Photos” now that my book The Fantasy Files has been released.

So last weekend she came over and took some professional photos for me in exchange for dinner and margaritas. Let me know what you guys think.

Which one should I use as my “official photo”?

– Lisa


The Fantasy Files Prelaunch!

I did it! I was able to finish up the final story and get it through editing and formatting.

I’m happy to announce the the prelaunch of the Fantasy Files: Volume 1 is now available for download on Kindle through Amazon here!

I’ve been working on my author bio page and the book description does need some further editing, but please let me know what you think so far!

Kindle is not just for the Kindle reader – you can also download Kindle for PC, iPhone, Android phone, and other mobile devices so you can take it wherever you go and enjoy discreetly anywhere – even in an airplane since it’s already loaded onto your device!

Please check it out, your feedback is welcome! The prelaunch price is just $2.99!

The Fantasy Files: Six Uninhibited Erotic Sex Stories, Volume 1 [Kindle Edition]