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Sex Story: Experimenting With Good Friends

Here is a short except from my story “Experimenting With Good Friends” from The Fantasy Files  ( Download it here for Kindle | Other devices )


“….I will never forget getting a call from Heather one Sunday afternoon in October.  I could tell something had happened since she was acting a little weird.  She told me that she’d had an unusual experience the night before.  At first I was thinking she had met a cute guy or she had gotten into some type of trouble, but to my surprise she said it was a sexual encounter she had with another girl in her dorm room.

Before getting into the details she asked me to please not say anything to our other friends.  Of course her secret was safe with me and she knew that, but I guess she felt better reasserting that request due to the gravity of what she was about to tell me.  She explained how she had a little get together in her room with her friends from the dorm.  There were drinking and just hanging out.  As the night went on all the other girls had left and went back to their room but one.

Heather explained that she had just met the girl and didn’t know much about her other than she seemed very friendly.  They were listening to music and talking when the other girl got up to get a drink and then sat down right next to Heather on the bed.  Moments later she leaned over and kissed her.  She was totally caught off guard and didn’t know how to respond, but continued to let her kiss her, she then started kissing her back.

“She put her soft lips against mine and had her hands around the back of my neck.  I felt the tip of her tongue touch my lips.  I parted my lips to let her tongue into my mouth.  After a couple moments I found myself kissing her just like I do with a guy,” she said.

I was captivated by her story and wasn’t saying anything, just letting her talk.  She paused and then said, “Next thing I knew she was kissing my neck and it felt so good.  I don’t know if it was the alcohol or what but it was turning me on.”

Heather said she eventually stopped her when the girl started moving her hands up her thighs and was about to press her hand between them.  She explained, “I am embarrassed to say it felt good, but I just met her and didn’t feel comfortable being intimate that way with someone I hardly knew.”

After that conversation was over we never brought it up again.  By the time Christmas arrived we both had boyfriends and Heather was back in town for a couple of days visiting her family.  Her boyfriend was with her so the 4 of us went out to dinner.  It was nice to hang out with her and to meet her new man.

That spring we didn’t talk as much.  I was busy working with a new job and trying to keep up with my studies.  Towards the end of the semester my parents gave me permission to invite some friends to our camp in Hilton Head for the weekend.  It was the first time my parents were allowing me to be there with just my friends and no adults.  There was one stipulation though, she said no boys!

I called Heather and she was excited to go.  I also called some of our other good friends from high school and invited them; it was going to be the first time our groups of friends were back together in over a year.  Everyone was excited about the weekend getaway and was counting the days.

I left that Friday morning and drove to the camp to get it cleaned up and ready for everyone to get there later that night.  Heather had just finished her last exam that day and was driving in straight from school.

Unfortunately, that afternoon there was a terrible thunderstorm in Savannah and it knocking down some trees and there was flooding in the area.  I received a call from Tricia saying that she and the other girls were going to have to wait until the next morning to head up due to the weather.  I called Heather and she told me the weather in Athens that day was fine and she would have no problems driving in.  I was thankful to not be stuck alone by myself out there all night.

Heather arrived about 9 pm.  We made strawberry daiquiris and watched Saw II which had just come out.  Those movies always scare the hell out of me.  It was actually nice, just the two of us eating popcorn and drinking daiquiris, all snuggled up on the sofa.  With every scary part of the movie my body would jolt up off the sofa.  By the time the movie was over we were practically clinging to each other under the covers.

When the movie ended we just sat there and talked.  I had that nice warm fuzzy feeling you get when you’ve been drinking but weren’t completely drunk.  We talked about the guys we were dating.  She was still seeing the same guy I met at Christmas, but I had recently broken up with my boy friend.  Then the conversation moved on to sex and we talked about the guys we had fooled around with during the previous year.

While we talked I asked her to brush my hair, something we always used to do for each other.  So she sat sideways on the sofa to open her legs so I could sit between them in front of her.  I leaned back up against her chest; it felt so comforting to be near her again.  We had been so close and I missed that connection.

As she was running her fingers through my hair, I started thinking about the experience she had with that girl in her dorm room.  I was picturing it all again in my mind, step by step as if I had been there watching it.  The images going through my head started to affect me.  I was swiftly becoming turned on.  I suddenly became aware of her breast up against my back and her thighs touching my side.   Arching my back so my ass softly touched her pelvis, I felt an instant tingle between my legs.

It had been quiet for a few moments.  The TV was off at this point along with most of the lights.

“I know we weren’t supposed to bring up what happened last year, but is it ok if I ask you something?” I breathed.

“Sure,” she said.   “Well, have you ever thought about it again, about kissing another girl?”

She laughed and replied “Why, are you getting a little curious yourself?”

I paused for a moment, not expecting that response and said “Yeah, I am a little curious what it was like”.

Heather asked, “Would you like me to show you?” She leaned forward and started gently brushing her lips against my neck.

It spread goose bumps all over my body.  Her lips were so warm.  I turned my head to press my mouth up and intercept that kiss.  We started to kiss each other heatedly.  I reached my hand back to slide into her hair as her own fingertips were running up my ribcage to the swell of a breast.

I have never seen this side of Heather before.  She is a strikingly attractive girl but until now I never had sexual feelings for her or for any girl for that matter.  Kissing her felt so intoxicating… Fooling around with a man had never gotten me this hot before.  Her skin and lips were so soft, her touches tentative and seeking.  She was touching me with confidence, she knew what I would like because she knew what felt good to her.  There weren’t any fumbling gropes awkward touches that often accompany college guys.

It did not take long for Heather to pull my shirt over my head and shed her own.  She pulled me around and pressed her lips against my lace covered nipple.  Pulling it between her lips, fabric and all, Heather lightly sucked while tonguing the stiff tip.

In a husky whisper she asked, “Do you want to go further?”

She then explained, “After my first experience I have often wondered what I would have been like if I hadn’t stopped her.”  I let out a faint moan of “yes” to her question….”

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