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Sex on Vacation

My best friend and her husband have invited me to go on vacation with them to Jamaica this summer. They are staying at a Beaches Resort and I really don’t want to be a third wheel, so I’m thinking about staying at another resort called Hedonism III. It’s an all inclusive clothing optional resort and to be honest, I’m thrilled at the thought of going as a single woman, strollng around topless, drinking ‘free’ drinks and enjoying the nightlife having the pick of the litter so to speak – of both men and women for some no strings attached fun.

It may seem odd to most people but I figure I can actually write this trip off as a business trip and use the eye candy and hot action in order to garner inspiration for my next book. By making some new friends in an open minded environment, as well as having some unadulterated fun, I’m sure I can get people to start talking get the creative juices flowing.

Plus the thought of having sex on vacation makes me hot! I have no desire to start dating again but it’s been too long since I’ve had some purely physical fun. It may also be a great way to get my first bisexual experience under my belt!


Almost Spring

Spring is only 3 weeks away, the days are warming but the nights are still cool. I love the spring, it’s truly a wonderful season. I got to travel up the coast this past weekend to Arena Rock Marine Natural Preserve. It’s one of my passions to visit the national parks around California, and this trip was no disappointment. I got to enjoy some beautiful scenery and get some peace and quiet. I don’t usually travel alone but I figured I might as well get some peace before work takes over with the launch of my new ebook series, The Fantasy Files. It was nice to have some time unplugged and take in the sights.

On my way home I stayed the night in San Francisco and enjoyed some great nightlife with a girl friend I hadn’t seen since college.  She was telling me about a crazy bachelorette party where her friends hired male strippers for the bride to be.  Later that night back at my hotel I spun some ideas off of her story and came up with a new story I added to my Fantasy Files ebook yesterday called Bachelorette Party Gone Good. It was tons of fun to write!

So back to work as we further the countdown to spring.  I cannot wait to release my eBook!  I have one more story to write and get the final editing and formatting finished, then it’s the big marketing pushfor Kindle and working on the releases for Sony eReader and the Nook.  Then it’s on to write more stories!

I can always use your inspiration!  You can email me story ideas at LisaAlpina At Gmail dot Com anytime!