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Knowing when to shut up

I consider myself a pretty social person.  But sometimes I just want to get through the chores of life without a bunch of small talk.  I sometimes dread getting my hair cut.  My usual hairdresser is pretty business like which is why I like her.  We are friendly but I’m not there to make friends or reveal my life story.  This past weekend I needed a trim and my usual girl was out, so I got someone new.
This bitch would not shut the fuck up.  It felt like I was getting grilled. Where is my iPod when I need it?  Ugh.  I started imagining stuffing a hot towel in her mouth. Why do people feel the need to be chatty if they are hairdressers?  I really wish I had a friend that could come over to the house. A glass of wine would have been great.  Some women think the salon is a place to relax. Not me, I want to get in, get the fuck out, and enjoy natural beauty without chemical smells that make you wonder if it’s making mutating women’s DNA.


Ok 🙂 End rant.