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The Fantasy Files Prelaunch!

I did it! I was able to finish up the final story and get it through editing and formatting.

I’m happy to announce the the prelaunch of the Fantasy Files: Volume 1 is now available for download on Kindle through Amazon here!

I’ve been working on my author bio page and the book description does need some further editing, but please let me know what you think so far!

Kindle is not just for the Kindle reader – you can also download Kindle for PC, iPhone, Android phone, and other mobile devices so you can take it wherever you go and enjoy discreetly anywhere – even in an airplane since it’s already loaded onto your device!

Please check it out, your feedback is welcome! The prelaunch price is just $2.99!

The Fantasy Files: Six Uninhibited Erotic Sex Stories, Volume 1 [Kindle Edition]