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New The Fantasy Files Design

In an effort to keep promotions on my new book alive, I’ve decided to have the website for redesigned. I have a team working on it and it should be live this week. I’m also going to to have them redesign my blog here.

I could really use some help – I need more reviews for my book! Please leave a comment here if you’d like to trade links, request a free copy of my book to review (you must have a blog/website or some credentials), or if you have any suggestions on formats you’d like to see me publish The Fantasy Files in! Thank you!


Sex With Ghosts

I have been so busy enjoying the summer – sailing with friends, entertaining outdoors, hitting the beach… and I have a new addiction – ghost stories! I love watching My Ghost Story and Ghost Adventures. So while checking stuff out I found a new erotica niche I’m thinking about writing a story for – Paranormal/Ghost sex stories. Have you ever encountered a ghost or sprit? Tell me about it!


Sex Story: The Main Attraction at Ginger’s

Here is an except from my story The Main Attraction at Ginger’s found in The Fantasy Files: Six Uninhibited Erotic Sex Stories, Volume 1
The Main Attraction at Ginger’s
A young couple explores the limits of their sexuality in a swingers club that turns voyeurs into exhibitionists.

….   “Ok,” she said with a smile. “This is your private room; you can lock the door once you go in and do anything you like while once you are in.  The wall directly in front of you has 2 way glass, you can see them but they can’t see you.  Now, on your left and right side there are curtains.  You are welcome to open or shut them.  The glass on both sides is see-through and the rooms next to you are occupied.  However, they have curtains as well so they may or may not have theirs open.  That’s everything.  You paid for an hour so enjoy!”

I let Craig walk in first.  The room was pretty small, just big enough for a small leather love seat to fit.  There was a stack of towels and a place for us to hang our clothes right next to the door.  They also had an assortment of edible gels, creams, and condoms.

“So what do you think?” I asked Craig, who was being rather quiet.  “I don’t know” he responded.

He had that kind of lost and nervous look on his face.  To this point nothing erotic had happened but the whole experience was wild and different to say the least.  As we sat down, we both stared at the big room directly in front of us.  It was a wide room and looked like several of the other smaller rooms on both sides of us had the same view we had.  It was large and opulent with a monstrous bed with silk sheets, but no people.

Moments later we noticed a door open and a couple walk into the big room.  They looked like they were in their mid to late 20’s, around our age.  The guy definitely worked out and was in great shape.  The girl had blonde hair, a voluptuous chest and a sleekly toned tanned body.  They both started undressing.  This was so wild, they acted like we weren’t there watching and then I remembered, they couldn’t see us but we could see them.  I felt like I was peeping into someone’s bedroom and I was enjoying it!

As they were undressing their door opened again as another couple entered.  “Oh this should be interesting,” I blurted out to Craig.  I perked up on the edge of the love seat with my face just inches away from the glass.  The new couple was a little older but looked attractive as well.

The woman appeared to be in her early thirties and was a bit curvier than the blonde.  She had porcelain skin which was a good contrast to the gold tones of the other woman.  The man had salt and peppered short cropped hair and a chiseled jaw.  He was extremely ripped and I found my mouth watering for a taste of him.

The couples exchanged greetings and pleasantries like they knew one another, obviously this was not a new scene for them.   Craig and I couldn’t help but stare as the couples began undressing and tasting each other.   It started with kissing and heavy petting, the tasting of nipples and playful nips.  I was on the edge of my seat as the first man playfully spanked the blonde.  She purred and moaned for him… causing the other man to come over.  She was on the bed on her hands and knees, her own partner behind her delivering vigorous slaps to her pert ass.  The salt and peppered Adonis climbed on the bed, running a hand thru her blonde curls he guided her mouth to the cock he had fisted in his hand.  The blonde eagerly complied, running her tongue along the tip before taking him fully into her mouth.  They set a punishing rhythm.  The younger man would spank her, sending her forward to deep throat the other man’s cock.

Craig stood up and went to the window for a closer look.  I could tell with one look at his pants that he was hard and turned on.  For that matter, so was I.” ….

Read more at The Fantasy Files: Six Uninhibited Erotic Sex Stories, Volume 1


Sex on Vacation

My best friend and her husband have invited me to go on vacation with them to Jamaica this summer. They are staying at a Beaches Resort and I really don’t want to be a third wheel, so I’m thinking about staying at another resort called Hedonism III. It’s an all inclusive clothing optional resort and to be honest, I’m thrilled at the thought of going as a single woman, strollng around topless, drinking ‘free’ drinks and enjoying the nightlife having the pick of the litter so to speak – of both men and women for some no strings attached fun.

It may seem odd to most people but I figure I can actually write this trip off as a business trip and use the eye candy and hot action in order to garner inspiration for my next book. By making some new friends in an open minded environment, as well as having some unadulterated fun, I’m sure I can get people to start talking get the creative juices flowing.

Plus the thought of having sex on vacation makes me hot! I have no desire to start dating again but it’s been too long since I’ve had some purely physical fun. It may also be a great way to get my first bisexual experience under my belt!


Getting Nasty in NYC

Writing about places I have never been to is challenging. Especially since city ordinances frequently dictate the rules about what can and can’t go on in strip clubs. Some places allow full nudity, some have private rooms, some are topless only, some places bend the rules while others will kick you out without thinking twice.

I haven’t been to very many strip clubs. Naked women to me are eye candy but I’m not going to go broke getting one to strip down. (Although I have to admit, they seem to like me). I have only gone with guy friends, never a boyfriend/husband or with other women, so I don’t really know how crazy it can get.

That said, I did have fun writing Big Apple Excitement for The Fantasy Files (Amazon/Other). The story is about a young couple that visit the big city to go to a wedding. The girl is a small town girl and it’s her first time in NYC. After passing a strip club she starts to wonder what it’s like inside, and convinces her boyfriend to check it out. When the stripper takes to the girl and they start fooling around, the guy is totally floored, it’s all he can do to get her back to the hotel room. It’s worth a read and is totally fun to think about happening to you. After writing it, and now being single, I want to go back to a club and try my ‘hand’ 🙂


Expanding My Horizons

I hope all my readers had a great Easter weekend and official Spring kickoff! I had a great time out on the boat with some friends and I got to spend some time on the beach – I have to shake my winter pale and get my glow back!

I’ve been working hard trying to promote The Fantasy Files, my new erotic digital book, and it’s been slow but going good. I’ve sold about 100 copies so far in the first month, not spectacular but not that bad either. It’s been enough to motivate me to find new outlets as well as start a new book!

The theme to the new book is a secret for now, but let’s just say it’s much more intense and kinky that Volume 1! So much that I’m not sure if I’m going to spin it as a Fantasy Files Volume 2 or give it a whole new title! How about The Kinky Files ? 😉

I’ve gotten my book published in Google Books, I’m hoping it updates for release on the Android market soon. I’m working on it. You can preview the book and read the first story for free here. Android users can download the book using Kindle for Android at Amazon. I am still working on making it available in iBooks/iTunes store for Iphone/IPods.

I’m up for hearing about the kinds of sex stories you want to read!