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New Fantasy Files Website!

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great long Labor Day weekend!

I have been fantastically busy…I’m still single but I do have a new man in my life .. a puppy named Jake! He’s so full of energy he really keeps me on my toes, but after a few sessions with a dog trainer he’s a great listener and has quickly become my best friend, going with me everwhere. He even loves coming on the boat with me!

I am happy to announce the launch of the new design for my eBook’s web site! I think it looks clean and bright whereas my last design was a bit on the dark and gloomy side. While my erotic stories tend to happen in the bedroom, they are exciting and uplifting and I think this more colorful site relays that as well as all the new formats I’m now published in!

Please check it out and let me know what you think!

The Fantasy Files : Six Erotic Sex Stories by Lisa Alpina


New The Fantasy Files Design

In an effort to keep promotions on my new book alive, I’ve decided to have the website for redesigned. I have a team working on it and it should be live this week. I’m also going to to have them redesign my blog here.

I could really use some help – I need more reviews for my book! Please leave a comment here if you’d like to trade links, request a free copy of my book to review (you must have a blog/website or some credentials), or if you have any suggestions on formats you’d like to see me publish The Fantasy Files in! Thank you!


New Low Price @ Amazon!

The Fantasy Files is going on sale tomorrow for 2 weeks!  Save 20% when you download it for just $2.49!

You can read it on  any PC, Mac or mobile device using the Kindle App!  And of course, you can read it on your Kindle and Lend it to Friends too!

Get your summer sizzing sexy story fix today!




My book is now available at the Barnes & Noble Book Store!
The Fantasy Files Nook Book

On the Sony eReader direct from Sony Reader Store
On your Android Phone from the Android Market
Online from the Google Bookstore
On any Kindle Device from Amazon
and every other format from Smashwords!

What’s missing? the iBookstore! Search for me and let me know if you find it! It should be released any day now!

I’m also pushing to get published in print! Woohoo!!!


Expanding My Horizons

I hope all my readers had a great Easter weekend and official Spring kickoff! I had a great time out on the boat with some friends and I got to spend some time on the beach – I have to shake my winter pale and get my glow back!

I’ve been working hard trying to promote The Fantasy Files, my new erotic digital book, and it’s been slow but going good. I’ve sold about 100 copies so far in the first month, not spectacular but not that bad either. It’s been enough to motivate me to find new outlets as well as start a new book!

The theme to the new book is a secret for now, but let’s just say it’s much more intense and kinky that Volume 1! So much that I’m not sure if I’m going to spin it as a Fantasy Files Volume 2 or give it a whole new title! How about The Kinky Files ? 😉

I’ve gotten my book published in Google Books, I’m hoping it updates for release on the Android market soon. I’m working on it. You can preview the book and read the first story for free here. Android users can download the book using Kindle for Android at Amazon. I am still working on making it available in iBooks/iTunes store for Iphone/IPods.

I’m up for hearing about the kinds of sex stories you want to read!