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New The Fantasy Files Design

In an effort to keep promotions on my new book alive, I’ve decided to have the website for redesigned. I have a team working on it and it should be live this week. I’m also going to to have them redesign my blog here.

I could really use some help – I need more reviews for my book! Please leave a comment here if you’d like to trade links, request a free copy of my book to review (you must have a blog/website or some credentials), or if you have any suggestions on formats you’d like to see me publish The Fantasy Files in! Thank you!


Free Lesbian Sex Story Sample

Happy Monday guys!  I have a  new sample to share with you today.  I had a really fun weekend! I got to check out HotMovies and watch some ‘inspiration’.  I have to admit, I’m a sucker for lesbian porn.  So on that note here is a little sample of one of my stories found in the Fantasy Files, Volume 1.  If you like it please buy my book from Amazon (for Kindle) or from Smashwords which offers any format – from Nook & Ereader to play text you can print and read!

“I know we weren’t supposed to bring up what happened last year, but is it ok if I ask you something?” I breathed.

“Sure,” she said.   “Well, have you ever thought about it again, about kissing another girl?”

She laughed and replied “Why, are you getting a little curious yourself?”

I paused for a moment, not expecting that response and said “Yeah, I am a little curious what it was like”.

Heather asked, “Would you like me to show you?” She leaned forward and started gently brushing her lips against my neck.

It spread goose bumps all over my body.  Her lips were so warm.  I turned my head to press my mouth up and intercept that kiss.  We started to kiss each other heatedly.  I reached my hand back to slide into her hair as her own fingertips were running up my ribcage to the swell of a breast.

I have never seen this side of Heather before.  She is a strikingly attractive girl but until now I never had sexual feelings for her or for any girl for that matter.  Kissing her felt so intoxicating… Fooling around with a man had never gotten me this hot before.  Her skin and lips were so soft, her touches tentative and seeking.  She was touching me with confidence, she knew what I would like because she knew what felt good to her.  There weren’t any fumbling gropes awkward touches that often accompany college guys.

It did not take long for Heather to pull my shirt over my head and shed her own.  She pulled me around and pressed her lips against my lace covered nipple.  Pulling it between her lips, fabric and all, Heather lightly sucked while tonguing the stiff tip.

In a husky whisper she asked, “Do you want to go further?”

She then explained, “After my first experience I have often wondered what I would have been like if I hadn’t stopped her.”  I let out a faint moan of “yes” to her question.

I pressed her back to crawl on top, running my tongue along her jaw, down her neck to her collar bone where I placed light fluttering kisses.  Trailing my lips down to her navel, I took her belly ring into my mouth and gave a gently tug with my teeth.  Heathers immediate gasp and undulation of her hips against me were all the permission needed.  Still playing with the ring , my hands trailed down to slide the boy shorts she wore from her hips.  I followed them down with my mouth until I was seated between her bare thighs.  Letting my hot breath skim the edges of her pussy I darted my tongue against her wet flesh.  Heather bucked and I used her momentum to place her thighs over my shoulders.  Delving down I sunk my tongue deep inside of her, only to have her scream and moan my name.  Heather rode my tongue feverishly as I licked and lapped at her.  When I moved up to take her straining clit between my lips and gave a firm suck, she exploded against me.  I drank in her orgasm, wringing every last cry from her.

Heather fell limply back against the couch panting heavily.  After bringing her such a powerful orgasm I was greedy to find my own release.  Peeling off my silky panties in a rush I began to vigorously masturbate.

Watching me closely Heather gave a throaty purr.  “Let me help with that,” she purred.  She then proceeded to get up and leave the room.   She came back from the kitchen moments later with a wicked grin, holding up a rather large cucumber from our earlier grocery trip.  My eyes widened with disbelief.  “What are you planning on doing with that?!” I blurted.

“Ssshhhh, just relax and enjoy the ride”.  Leaning back against the pillows I relinquished my body to Heather.  She placed the cucumber in her mouth to wet it before using it to rim the edges of my quivering pussy.  I could barely control the urge to raise my hips to it.  Slowly she began to press it into me.  I gasped, it was definitely larger than my last boyfriend….

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