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Are you an Exhibitionist?

I’ve never had the pleasure of having a exhibitionist experience, but I’ve always wanted to.  Whether it’s cutting lose at Mardi Gras and flashing my breasts or having sex on a boat deck within sight of the shoreline, I have so many fantasies from showing off to almost getting caught!

This is why I write. Being single I can’t always live out my fantasies but I can imagine them 100 different ways.

Here’s an excerpt from my story “Let the Good Times Roll” found only in my book, The Fantasy Files.

The next morning I woke up early and was ready to hit the streets and start partying! I couldn’t believe how many people were out drinking at 10 in the morning! It looked like a few of them hadn’t even gone to sleep the night before! We walked around the French Quarter and did some sightseeing, there was a decent amount of people milling about but it was rather tame.  Nothing like the wild stories of girls flashing that I had heard about from the guys in the past.  I have to say I was slightly disappointed.

After a thoroughly Creole lunch, crawfish and all, we headed back to the room to play cards and regroup for the night ahead.  When night fell we headed out and over to watch one of the big parades.  I had never seen anything like it! I was mesmerized by the lights, costumes and beads.  I coveted them like gold and tried to catch as many as I could.  The guys helped, and by the end of the parade I had a pretty nice assortment hanging around my neck.

The guys had started drinking beer a little earlier and I could tell they were finally starting to loosen up and let go of the apron strings.  I was not a beer drinker so Matt had gotten me a huge strawberry daiquiri which I sipped like a slurpee.  I got the “Kelly, don’t drink too much” and “Those are strong,  pace yourself” speeches.   I admit my tolerance wasn’t very high, but it tasted so good!

After the parade, we walked back to Bourbon Street.  Not only had the crowd grown enormous in the time we were gone, but it had gotten raucous as well.  The festivities were definitely under way! Patrick reached down, grabbed my hand and said, “Hey I want you to make sure to stick with us, no wondering off”.  “Yes Dad,” I smirked.

I was like a sponge… sucking up the sights, sounds, and smells.  Now that it was night things were a lot different.  People were a lot more intoxicated and inhibitions had gone by the wayside to say the least.  My own little buzz was kicking when I noticed there were people on balconies throwing beads.  More beads!! I had to have them!! It was then that I realized there was a small price to pay for those beads.  The women being tossed the glittering lovelies were brazenly flashing breasts.  Not just momentary glimpses, but ‘here get a good look and aren’t they amazing’ displays.  Feeling a jitter of nerves, I wasn’t sure I could pay the toll for my coveted beads.

I followed the guys through the crowd just soaking it all in.  It was even more exciting than my wildest imagination.  Some people were costumed, some drunk and passed out on the curb, others were making out in the middle of the street! I even passed one man peeing on the side of a building! This was wild.

“Hey lets go into this place” Patrick yelled over the crowd.  The bar had a second story balcony, and that is right where I wanted to go.  However, the guys got side tracked about 20 feet into the bar by a group of sorority girls from Alabama.  I hate sorority girls! I knew there was no budging them, so I let them know I was going on up to the balcony.  “Don’t leave this bar without us” was Patrick’s response.  Off I went!

The view from the balcony couldn’t be described.  You could see for several blocks in both directions, the crowd had grown into a living throng of writhing bodies.  I wasn’t on the balcony for more than a couple minutes and I heard yells of “Show your tits!”  Looking down I watched enrapt as a group of guys below started to point at me and chant “Show your tits!”

I felt a little embarrassed at first, the only guy who had seen my chest before had been my ex-boyfriend, the only guy I had ever had sex with.  Then a group of men below started throwing the most beautiful beads I had seen yet up at me.  These were much nicer than the smaller ones I had caught at the parade.  I don’t know if it was the beads, the alcohol, or a combination of both but, I let loose and gave them a quick flash….the crowd roared!

Wow! I thought.  I had never gotten that enthusiastic of a response from men before.   It really excited me.  Heat spiraled into my body pooling between my thighs, making me flush with excitement.  It was intoxicating to see that many men clamoring for a glimpse of my body.  Hearing their roar of approval once I gave them a taste, well… it was simply addictive.

At the exact moment I went to flash again, I felt a tug on my shirt from behind.  “What the hell are you doing!” Patrick yelled at me.  OMG I was so embarrassed! I hadn’t known the guys had walked up behind me as I was baring my breasts.  Patrick was really pissed.  I got a little defensive, and argued with him before storming back into the bar.

I pouted for all of an hour while listening to music and nursing a few more drinks.  I had the occasional guy come up and try to make small talk, but my mood had dissipated and I brushed them off.

Patrick finally came back over and apologized.  He told me I had caught him by surprise and he just overreacted.  He wasn’t going to tell my brother.  He also informed me that he and Kevin were going off with the girls from Alabama.  He said Matt was the odd man out and elected to watch me.  He didn’t say “watch” me, but that was the impression I got.  Matt got stuck with babysitting duties.

Patrick and Kevin departed with the girls from Alabama as Matt made his way over to me.  I could tell he was a little buzzed because he seemed really happy as his words slurred just a little.

“Hey, you!  It looks like it’s just you and me.  Want to head to another bar?  Or we can head back anytime you want, just let me know what you want to do.”

“Let’s head back,” I replied.  It was late by now and I was still a little piqued about the situation that had occurred with Patrick.

The walk back was insane.  The crowd surged and flowed, the street was packed, wall to wall people, making getting anywhere a real trial.  Matt walked up from behind me as we were pushing our way through.  He pressed his hands on my waist pulling me back close to him.  There was several times there where we had to stop and wait for people to ebb out of the way and I could feel him putting his chin on my shoulder.

It was nice being close to him.  I had always had a crush on Matt.  We had never touched playfully before, much less him being wrapped around me.

We made our way back into our hotel room, each taking a turn in the bathroom to shower the humidity and smell of the crowd away.  I changed into a comfy t-shirt and gym shorts and crawled onto the air mattress on the floor between their beds.  Matt came out in just a pair of shorts, I couldn’t help ogling his body.  I hadn’t seen him without a shirt in years, his broad chest and defined stomach made my mouth water.  He had obviously been working out and taking care of himself, Matt was like a well oiled machine and I so wanted to take him for a test drive.

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New Pics of Sexy Me :)

My friend took this pic of me when we took her dog to the park, I love this pic, it makes me look 10 years younger 🙂

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

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Sex With Ghosts

I have been so busy enjoying the summer – sailing with friends, entertaining outdoors, hitting the beach… and I have a new addiction – ghost stories! I love watching My Ghost Story and Ghost Adventures. So while checking stuff out I found a new erotica niche I’m thinking about writing a story for – Paranormal/Ghost sex stories. Have you ever encountered a ghost or sprit? Tell me about it!