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Reflecting on Dating

This past week I spent some time with friends where we sat around eating lunch and basically aired the dirty laundry of our dating situations. We all seemed to have similar stories with a different cast of characters. There was the guy we really like but we know is less than inspired and motivated and settles for less, the guy who would be so perfect and is so NICE but there is just no chemistry, and last and certainly least, the guy who lies, cheats, but was super cute and fun to make out with (up until finding out about his shadiness).

The guy who continues to intrigue me is the one who is seemingly so perfect yet so unappealing. He has all the right characteristics to make a great boyfriend, and he displays them with ease and sincerity. Yet whenever we talk about him to our friends, our eyes become glazed over and we take a dramatic sigh before ending every sentence about him with, “But he’s so nice…” It’s like it pains us to even think about it because what we think we always wanted is standing before us for the taking. Yet, we cannot make a motion to grasp it.

Our friends tell us to just concede defeat and stop seeing the guy because we are wasting our time and his. Even though he’s somewhat perfect, we’re never going to be attracted to him and it will only end in disaster with someone (most likely him) getting hurt. So we blow him off by not answering his calls or returning his text messages. When we accidentally answer his calls, we are aloof and “too busy” to hang out or talk. And voile, just like that, he disappears.

Now what is even more perplexing is the decision to entertain and keep the guy who we know ultimately can’t give us what we want around. When he calls we rush to the phone, when we’re out with him the butterflies stir in our stomach, when we’re with our friends, he dominates our portion of the “boy” topic of conversation. So I ask (without having any clue to the answer): Why do we do this?

The simple truth is we make these kinds of decisions in our love lives everyday without flinching. Why we do it remains a mystery. It seems that when we decide to ditch the great guy for the more exciting, aloof guy, we are demonstrating that we are not as highly evolved as we might think. For our hearts and minds allow us to choose the superficial over substance. Our egos are driven by the challenge and the uncertainty. Of course we can’t forget that 9 times out of 10 what the mediocre guy lacks in qualities, he makes up for in looks or sexual magnetism.

So ladies, I hate to break it to you but we are really not that much different from the shallow men we frown upon. However I have enough confidence in the funny, strong and driven women to say that we will most likely not settle and eventually find the man who encompasses everything we want. But at least we can say we’ve walked a day in a typical man’s shoes.

As a woman who once settled, I can honestly say that the man who lacks in genuine qualities and relies on sexual magnetism, will ultimately become jealous, suspicious and controlling. Confidence goes a long way, quiet sincerity is usually a better sign of it.


Expanding My Horizons

I hope all my readers had a great Easter weekend and official Spring kickoff! I had a great time out on the boat with some friends and I got to spend some time on the beach – I have to shake my winter pale and get my glow back!

I’ve been working hard trying to promote The Fantasy Files, my new erotic digital book, and it’s been slow but going good. I’ve sold about 100 copies so far in the first month, not spectacular but not that bad either. It’s been enough to motivate me to find new outlets as well as start a new book!

The theme to the new book is a secret for now, but let’s just say it’s much more intense and kinky that Volume 1! So much that I’m not sure if I’m going to spin it as a Fantasy Files Volume 2 or give it a whole new title! How about The Kinky Files ? 😉

I’ve gotten my book published in Google Books, I’m hoping it updates for release on the Android market soon. I’m working on it. You can preview the book and read the first story for free here. Android users can download the book using Kindle for Android at Amazon. I am still working on making it available in iBooks/iTunes store for Iphone/IPods.

I’m up for hearing about the kinds of sex stories you want to read!


Dental Hygienist Sex Story

Being a dental hygienist, I deal with a number of patients that get super nervous just walking into a dentist office.  It’s funny, with both men and women they seem to immediately relax when they see my face.  “Be gentle, I’m sensitive” the tell me. “Don’t poke around too much, just clean my teeth ok?” Yeah, sure….Scrubbing 5 years of plaque off your teeth won’t require ANY Elbow grease at all.  😉

I’ve learned to bring in relaxation techniques, offering an office ipod, having relaxing artwork for them to gaze upon, but nothing relaxes them more when I let my breasts brush the side of their head as I work.  A little ‘momma nurturing’ goes a long way.

I wasn’t that surprised when I came across a sex story about a dental hygienist.  I feel like I could have written this!

Randy knew as he sat in the dentists chair that he was going to be told he needed his teeth cleaned. Just the thought of it gave him the creeps. The last time Randy had his teeth cleaned the hygienist must have been a descendant of the Marquis De Sade. He was in pain for days afterward and promised himself never again. After the dentist finished his exam Randy’s worst fears came to fruition.

“Randy…you need those teeth deep cleaned…they’re a mess!”

“Ahhh, I’ll catch it when I have more time Doc…really.”

“You are on the verge of some serious gum disease, but if you want to lose your teeth….well, I warned you.”

Randy cringed when he heard that. “Look, the last time I had my teeth cleaned, that witch that did the work…well let’s just say it was the worst experience of my life. I was miserable for days afterward.”

The dentist placed his hand on Randy shoulder reassuring him and saying, “I understand, and she’s no longer here. I replaced her with Chelsey. Let me introduce you to her, she’s very thorough and professional.”

The dentist left to go get her as Randy waited still unsure that he wanted to chance it. Randy closed his eyes as he waited for her to come in, trying to think of a way out of it. As he rested the aroma of a very sweet perfume filled the room. He opened his eyes, and standing there was a very sexy redhead with a million dollar smile. More over she had the best set of tits he’d seen in a long time.

“Hi…were you taking a catnap?”

“Ahh kind of….so you’re the new hygienist?”

“Yes I am…I’m Chelsey.”

Randy took her hand in his as he stared at what must have been 36D’s at least. Her smock was tight, and halfway unzipped showing a lot of cleavage. He had a hard time not staring.


I want Link Partners!

I’d love to start networking with other writers, publishers, fan blogs, and facebook/twitter pages!  If you’d like to exchange links and have a permanent link on my blog side bar, please leave a comment and how to reach you!

I give preference to those with erotica themed sites but will try not to exclude anyone.  Thanks!

Also, I’ve been thinking about going on Facebook. Do you think I should?
Thanks for visiting my site and The Fantasy Files!


Finding new outlets

It’s been a really busy week!  I have been finalizing new versions of my erotic book The Fantasy Files for the iTunes book store and for the Android market so anyone with a tablet pc or phone can read my stories if they don’t want to use the Kindle App or are not familiar with Smashwords (which allows you to download The Fantasy Files for Nook and Sony eReader).

There is so much out there it sure is hard to please everyone!  I need to find more time for marketing and find help getting the word out.  I’ve invested over 100 hours in this project and I’d love to see it take off soon.

So for my blog readers, do you read books in digital format?  If so, what’s your preferred device, platform, or file type?