Monthly Archives: February 2011

Time Off to Daydream

I had such a nice weekend off. I found plenty of time to write and decided to take on my first bisexual story. What a turn on to write! I’ve never fooled around with another woman in real life, but I think if it’s as good as I can imagine it to be I may give it a try…given there is lots of wine and no cameras (which rules out Julia!) 🙂 I’m not sure if that is something I could do with my BFF, besides the fact that she is married it may get weird. But I do have a few friends in mind it could be fun to try with. Without naming names, the one I think it would be the nicest to try out with is the one in my latest story to be featured in The Fantasy Files called Experimenting With Good Friends. Look for it coming soon! The new book will be out in March!